Cheam Wellness Group in Abbotsford, BC is a multi-disciplinary clinic of wellness services.


We take pride in committing ourselves to developing the most comprehensive and up-to-date client specific weight management programs that are designed and managed by our own natropaths. We know that losing weight is not an event, but rather a journey. 

Let Dr. Coolsaet and Dr. MacKenzie help you navigate the world of modern fad diets and cut through all the fluff to reveal what’s actually best for your body.

Using a combination of tried-and-true natural nutrition principles and cutting-edge health science, Dr. Boudreau and Dr. MacKenzie can help you find out exactly what you need to live your healthiest life.

Dr. Coolsaet and Dr. MacKenzie can help you understand:

  • Foods to which you may have a sensitivity

  • Certain vitamins and minerals in which you may be deficient

  • An effective nutritional plan to give you everything you need to be healthy

  • How to use your food as medicine, tailored to your unique dietary and nutritional needs.

  • Some simple recipes to ensure you are getting the best, healthiest options possible

IV Weight Loss therapy

Melt those unwanted pounds away with this potent fat burn IV. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids added to the IV cocktail boosts the metabolism and increases energy.  

For best results, it is recommended to receive one weight loss IV every week for 6 weeks and then maintenance IV's as needed. 


$140 for the first IV

$110 additional IV

injection weight loss therapy

B6/ B12/ MIC

A potent combination of vitamins B6/ B12/ MIC increases the metabolism and enhances weight loss.

It is recommended to receive weekly injections for 6 weeks and then maintenance as needed.



(NOTE: you must be a patient prior to receiving weight loss injections) 

hcg diet

This is an extreme weight loss plan where expected weight loss is between .5lb - 1lbs per day by using HcG lozenges or injections and a very low calorie diet 

This diet is not recommended for everyone.

Meeting with a Naturopath to properly assess if this weight loss plan is right for you.


Call clinic for pricing. Varies depending on program

gut health testing

The health of your digestive system impacts your ability to

properly absorb and digest food.

Having a healthy, properly functioning digestive system is important to maintaining an

ideal weight.

we offer several different gut health tests and programs.


Call clinic for pricing.  Varies depending on test and program

Weight Loss Services

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