Team Cheam


We are a
Team-First Workplace Culture
aka “the comrade”

We are a Team-oriented company and we hire based on culture fit, skills and experience.

We are a company with a team-first workplace culture, which means, we make employees’ happiness a top priority. Frequent team gatherings, opportunities to provide meaningful feedback, funds for conferences/ training and flexibility to accommodate employees’ family lives are common place at Cheam Wellness Group.

For example: We give all health practitioners joining our team the option of either being hired as an employee with an hourly wage including a great benefits package or joining the team as a self-employed contractor. Both options have unique benefits and we believe you are the best person to choose which system works best for you. In addition, the days and hours which you work are up to you. When you vacation or take sick days are also up to you.

Why is this our culture model? For several reasons:

  • Happy employees make for happier customers.

  • We spend a lot of time at work, so it should be a place we look forward to spending time at.

  • Enjoyable work environment increases long term commitment of skilled professionals.

  • This culture based model maintains autonomy of practice for all practitioners

We regularly socializes outside of work and we take pride in building each other up, to provide support to be the best practitioners we can be.