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Pam Hamidi is a Self-Acceptance and Development Coach offering personalized coaching sessions focusing on developing her client’s self-acceptance, on supporting their articulation and actualization of their goals and embracing their true self, and on ensuring her clients thrive within supportive communities. Self-acceptance develops the confidence needed to overcome fears and worries, enhances the ability to express ideas and opinions, as well as provides the means by which to find meaningful joy. Pam is currently accepting patients, but does have a passion in working more closely with women, female youth and young girls.

Message for Interested Adults

I am here to help you accept and love every part of your true selves. I will hold space for you and, together, we will use various strategies and techniques to explore the “why,” in order to implement the “how.” Having the support of a life coach, you will receive the necessary guidance to achieve the self-love and acceptance you deserve. I would be honoured to work with you to realize freedom comes from within. Although it may be challenging at times, you are worth it! I know it and soon you will too.

I believe we don’t wake up one day suddenly doubting, criticizing and not loving ourselves. This is learned from repeating the same behaviours of inner-self harm. Unpacking a lifetime of feeling like you don't have value or are not good enough is a journey that I will walk with you so that you can achieve the unrealized potential of worth, love and acceptance that you’ve had all along.

Please contact me and let's begin this journey together!

Common Areas of Focus:

Self connection – Confidence - Body Image – Self esteem – Anxiety – Unworthiness - Boundaries – Mindfulness - Inner Child - Self-forgiveness - Acceptance - Trust - Self sabotage – Self-care – Trauma - Self agency – Sexual expression – Resilience, Navigating challenging times and more.

Message for Interested Youth

I strongly feel that you are perfectly perfect as you are!

Being a teenager is difficult. It is the middle ground between childhood and being an adult, and it can often leave you feeling unimportant, forgotten, misunderstood and under appreciated. It's a breeding ground for self-doubt and low self-esteem. Many negative adult self-love habits are learned behaviours from their youth.


By reaching out during this delicate time, I can help implement new patterns to provoke more confidence and kinder inner responses to the difficulties youths face every single day.

I want to empower you to live your best life as defined by you! During the coaching sessions, you will envision and then actualize the highest version of yourself. I will support you as you authentically and confidently listen to yourself and begin to use your voice, especially when feeling pressured from friends and the world around you.

Guidance at this stage of life is key.

Common Areas of Focus:

Friendship – Confidence - Body Image – Self esteem – Anxiety – Social Media – Family conflict resolution – Communication skills – Self-care – Time management – Organization skills – Self agency – Peer pressure – Self-awareness – Resilience – Bullying - Life transitions and more.

Message for Parents or Guardians of Interested Children:

A child's curiosity and creativity is a gift every parent desires to cherish and nurture. It’s difficult when we can see their inner struggle and self-doubt at such a young age. Developing a strong self-worth during our formative years is essential, and when that quality is lacking there is a trickle effect that follows us into our teens and to adulthood. By nourishing a child that is battling with themselves at a young age, I can help them develop skills that they can carry with them as they grow to their full potential.

It is exciting for me as a coach to explore and celebrate the uniqueness of each child and support them in maintaining daily habits and routines that will positively impact their mental well-being. As a mother of 3 young girls, it is my biggest privilege to guide, empower and make a difference in the lives of the next generation.

As all children’s needs are unique, this is not a one size fits all program. I welcome you to reach out for more information.

Common Areas of Focus:

Confidence - Inner Voice– Self esteem – Anxiety – Social Media – Responsibilities - Healthy friendships - Communication skills – Self-care – Time management – Organization skills – Self awareness – Peer pressure – Resilience – Bullying - Life transitions - Making better choices and more.

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