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Why I love Urine Hormone Testing

By Dr. Janine MacKenzie I rely on urine hormone testing for my female patients with hormone imbalances. This includes women who are noticing changes in their cycles around peri-menopause, those struggling with menopause symptoms, those with anxiety, those with fatigue, women struggling with fertility, and women with PCOS or endometriosis. In fact, most women can benefit from this type of testing.

One of the main reasons I love urine hormone testing so much is the completeness of the results helps me tailor a treatment plan specifically for my patients’ hormone needs. Since it is a very comprehensive test, I get actionable information about their specific imbalance. This test looks at almost all hormones I am interested in (the only other hormones I generally want to know would be thyroid function hormones, LH, and FSH, depending on the case).

For me, the added value in this testing is the illustration of patterns of imbalance. In women, our hormones fluctuate throughout the month, but our body expects that. When there are imbalances beyond what we expect, that is where we feel symptoms. This test illustrates if there is global excess or global deficiency or further imbalances, with some hormones being in excess and others being deficient. In all those cases, the patient will notice symptoms of excess, deficiency, or imbalance. For me, the numbers on the urine hormone test aren’t as crucial as the patterns created by knowing the results of all the hormones.

At Cheam Wellness Group, we offer the DUTCH test as our option for urine hormone testing.