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It’s Only Skin Deep…

A Natural Approach to Managing Scars

Written by: Dr Erik Boudreau, ND

Let me lead off this post by rehashing what we’ve all been told since the first time some (no doubt secretly jealous) kid called out our hair colour/ freckles/ height (or lack thereof)/ glasses/ braces/ etc…

True beauty comes from within.

And it’s true, of course. Beauty, much like happiness, always originates from deep inside, radiating out for all to see. No matter how hard we may try to superficially force it upon ourselves (through expensive clothes and make-up, tedious hairstyles, and a litany of more invasive approaches), it always starts with us.

That said, all but the happiest, most-centered, Zen-like individuals can fall victim to the aggravation caused by unsightly scars. Whether stemming from a prior surgery, accident/trauma, post-baby (or post-weight loss) stretchmarks, or acne-related struggles, such flaws in our otherwise healthy, vibrant skin can affect us on a daily basis: Avoiding bathing suits that might reveal a C-section scar; Wearing an ever-stylish “hair helmet” hairstyle to conceal acne scars on the forehead or cheeks; Stuffing all V-neck shirts deep in the closet to conceal neck or chest scars; Overheating while wearing long sleeves in July, or (even more conspicuously!) shoes and socks at the beach -- the time and energy we put into hiding our “imperfections” seems to know no bounds.

Once again, I must stress that embracing your inner AND outer beauty, for all that makes you you is an essential part of leading a freer, happier life. But that’s not to say that we can’t strive to improve our outside appearance at the same time. One safe, effective, natural way to do that is through neural therapy. Using a diluted solution of the anaesthetic procaine, neural therapy involves a series of subcutaneous (just under the skin) injections along the length of the scar, typically administered once or twice per week. The solution can lessen the appearance of scars and help restore softer, more supple skin by promoting the deposition of key proteins through a process called collagen remodeling. For those who are a tad needle-squeamish, there’s a related approach called epidermic mesotherapy, whereby the same diluted procaine solution is delivered superficially (without the needle actually puncturing the skin).

Call, email, or stop by Cheam Wellness Group for more information on these and other natural options for reducing scars.

For a more personal discussion on how these techniques may be helpful for you, feel free to schedule your free, 15 minute meet & greet session with Naturopathic Doctor Erik Boudreau, ND.

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