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Muscle and Joint Injuries Got You On The Sidelines?

Get Back in the Game with Prolotherapy

Written by: Dr. Erik Boudreau, ND, FABNO

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of getting in that very last rep of bicep curls or setting a new personal best on the elliptical machine. You wipe your brow, take a swig of water, and exhale, knowing you’ve given it your all.

And you’re not alone. Generations of gym-goers, weekend warriors and fitness enthusiasts have known the seemingly endless list of benefits offered by regular exercise, from managing bodyweight to improving strength, sleep quality, mood, digestion and immunity. Practically every cell in our body feels the charge brought about by consistent physical activity. And when we take care of our bodies in the gym (or park, field or home gym), we also tend to take care of it everywhere else, too, with greater attention to eating right, and making healthy lifestyle choices. What could possibly go wrong?

I had to ask, did I? Well, just about everyone who’s ever felt the natural highs of a great workout has, unfortunately, also felt the crushing lows of a muscle or joint injury. Often, they start innocently enough—a slight “tweak” to the side of the knee, perhaps. Or a lightning-fast pin-prick sensati