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My Top 3 Supplements of 2020

By Dr. Janine MacKenzie

2020 was not your typical year. If you had asked me last January what I thought my top three supplements would have been, I would not have envisioned the following.

Supplement #1: Magnesium

One of my main and long-time loves is Magnesium. This supplement tops my list frequently. I call it a “Swiss Army knife” because it’s useful for so many things. And, on top of that, it’s very easy for patients to notice the beneficial effects. Nine times out of ten, the next time I see a patient, after prescribing Magnesium, they rave about something in their life getting better. Notable areas for improvement are improved sleep with less time to fall asleep and more restful sleep, less cramping (menstrual and muscle), lessened anxiety, and improved gut health and more bowel regularity.

Supplement #2: Ginger