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5 Reasons I Love Treating Mothers

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Written by: Dr. Alyssa Fruson, ND

5 Reasons I Love Treating Mothers blog, Cheam Wellness Group, Dr. Alyssa Fruson

Being a mom is a challenging and often thankless job. Many mothers put themselves at the bottom of the priority list, and their health takes a backseat to their mental load and various parenting obligations. Even if a mother does reach out to a health professional for help, their concerns are often brushed off as a regular part of motherhood. However, this is not my view. I love treating aspiring, adoptive, pregnant, postpartum or empty nest mothers. Here are my top 5 reasons why!

1. Listening to their unique story

Every person, mother or not, has a unique view and path in life. Every time I talk to any patient, I try to leave expectations behind and listen to their individual health story and how it relates to their current health and symptoms. This is such a huge part of treating each person as a whole. During an initial visit, I have an entire hour to listen to any concerns and ask questions about every aspect of a person’s health. I am sure there are questions I ask that no one else has ever asked you before.

2. Being an advocate for their health

Many mothers come to my office saying they have had blood work or other testing and everything was normal. Just because a test is normal does not mean that it is optimal for you. It is so important to look at blood tests in the context of what will make you feel best, which is working towards optimal values and not settling for average when you feel anything but. I will help you find the right tests, refer you to the right healthcare providers, and ask the right questions to those providers to get the most out of your healthcare.

3. Helping them on the journey to wellness

As exciting as getting to the end goal of health and wellness is, whether it is renewed energy, a positive pregnancy test, better sleep, or anything else, the process to get there is often part of the healing. I love that my patients know they can contact me as needed for questions and support and are confident that I am there to help and support them through the whole journey, not just at the finish line.

4. Giving them their own space

As parents and mothers, it is not very often that there is somewhere you can go just for you. I love that I can be that space for mothers. I am there to 100% support you and get you to your health goals. Every visit, I am focused just on you, even if you need to bring your child(ren) along. I have four kids of my own and am fantastic at tuning in to just you and your needs during our time together.

5. Considering the whole picture

I love that I have the time and space to devote to my patients. As stated above, our first visit together is a full hour, and I have the opportunity to ask so many questions and get all the information. This helps me connect symptoms and develop a treatment plan that covers and considers the whole picture of your health – past and present to get you to where you want to be!

Mothers need exceptional care from a unique lens from someone that understands. I am a regular mom just like you and understand the inherent struggles of day-to-day mothering. All these reasons and more is why I love treating mothers!


Dr. Fruson prides herself on collaborating with her patients and their trusted healthcare providers in making personalized treatment plans. She helps her patients understand their options using a realistic, natural, and evidence-based healthcare approach.

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