Massage Therapy has many benefits, and clients of all ages use massage for relaxation, pain recovery and stress reduction. Deemed one of the first homeopathic treatments, massage therapy manipulates soft tissues of the body to help relieve pain, manage stress and prevent injury. Massage therapy can also be beneficial to treat acute and chronic conditions. Using extensive knowledge of physiology and anatomy, our team combines traditional Swedish and modern massage therapy techniques with other therapies to treat clients. There is a wide variety of research that proves there are tremendous benefits of massage therapy for easing muscle tension and pain, relieving stress, as well as enhancing flexibility and mobility. We can help you discern an appropriate massage therapy for you. 


Amanda Morgan, RMT

Christiane Corriveau, RMT

There are many reasons that pain and discomfort occurs. Massage therapy is an excellent option to provide relief and healing for headaches or migraines, stress, trauma from injury, back pain or muscle-related conditions. Massage Therapy is beneficial for the management of pain due to chronic conditions, post-surgical or injury care or debilitating diseases If you are struggling with chronic physical pain, the techniques of massage therapy can do wonders in your recovery and overall wellbeing.


Amanda Morgan, RMT

Christiane Corriveau, RMT

Pregnant mamas have unique needs in terms of massage! There are novel tissue discomforts that can occur during pregnancy and labour. Proven massage techniques can be a relieving and therapeutic outlet for both mom-to-be and baby. The experience of massage during pregnancy is a gentle process that can significantly relieve back pain, labour symptoms, leg cramps and provide needed relaxation to increase blood circulation. This increase offers relief for mama and provides more oxygen and nutrients to the baby, which will improve your sleep and ease your discomfort before the baby arrives. 

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