Support for overall well being wherever you are in your journey can start with our counselling team. Counselling, coaching and mentorship can help support you with life’s challenges and transition to find the power within you and strategies to help live your best life and achieve your goals. Our compassionate and experienced team of counsellors are available to support you in a trusted and secure space to help you comfortably with personal development, improving relationships and clarifying your life purpose.


Rachel Wiens, RCC

Curtis Dueck, RCC

Evan Vukets, RCC

Are you ready to change your story and start becoming who you are meant to be? Do you feel you will never be at peace with where you are in life? Have you been treading water in the same place not sure where you want your life to go?


Embrace life’s joys and beauty with a sacred look at clarifying your life purpose. Through a lens of holistic health and wellness, individual counselling can be a positive step toward becoming your best self through personal development and meaningful discovery.


Rachel Wiens, RCC

Curtis Dueck, RCC

Are you suffering in your relationship and feeling stuck? Relationships are tricky and complicated! Rescue your relationship with support and clarity to determine outcomes for your relationship and the challenges you are facing to move forward.


Whether your goal is to heal your relationship, move on from a toxic relationship, learn how to commit to a health relationship as co-parents or feel you don’t know where to start, we can mediate with you through it.


Rachel Wiens, RCC

Curtis Dueck, RCC

Family matters! There is no definite manual on how to diffuse and filter out the unique aspects and dynamics of family relationships. All family dynamics present challenges but these can escalate when individual members have differing points of view, addictions or a mental health diagnosis. Supporting the tough conversations can bridge successful ways to get through a crisis or life’s challenges in a supportive way with learned strategies on how to work together.


Understanding and developing ways to demonstrate that unconditional love still involves healthy boundaries are explored. Family Therapy is a tremendous investment to repair relationships and kickstart responsible ways to communicate and relate with each other. 


Pam Hamidi

Do you struggle to put yourself first and recognize you are struggling to love yourself? Are you trying to do it all and feel like it is never enough? Unpack the areas that are holding you back from Self-Love, Acceptance and Self-Worth.


Our in-house self-acceptance coach Pam Hamidi is committed to supporting women and teens with improved self-acceptance and creating meaningful connections in their lives, drawn from her own experiences of feeling never enough. Pam is passionate about helping in the creation of an intentional balance and avoiding the pull of perfectionism. Find insight into your psychological and emotional needs, and the barriers holding you back from shamelessly loving yourself every day as you are.  

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