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The difference between the two services are Registered Massage Therapy sessions are performed by a licensed Registered Massage Therapist.  Our Relaxation Massages are performed by Massage Professionals. 

The benefit from receiving a massage from a Registered Massage Therapist are (click here for more information):

can be done to aid in recovery from an injury 

can be done to reduce or heal chronic pain

can be billed to most extended health benefit plans

can be billed to ICBC

can be billed to WCB

(for a list of the Health Insurance companies we DIRECT BILL to click here)

The benefit from receiving a Relaxation Massage from a Massage Professional is the massage treatment is less expensive then a massage from a RMT because they are not Registered.  Therefore their services cannot be claimed through Extended Health Benefits, ICBC or WCB.  This is ideal for people who do not have Extended Health Benefit Plans or who have used up all their benefits already. 

All of our massage professionals are graduates from a BC Massage Therapy College and planning to write their Board Exams in the fall 2019. Click here for more information.

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Benefits of Massage May Include:

Loosens tight muscles

Relieves tired and aching muscles

Increases flexibility and range of motion

Diminishes chronic pain

Calms the nervous system

Lowers blood pressure

Lowers heart rate

Enhances skin tone

Assists in recovery from injuries and illness

Strengthens the immune system

Reduces tension headaches

Reduces mental stress

Improves concentration

Promotes restful sleep

Aids in mental relaxation

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