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Kinesiologists: Your Human Movement Specialists!



We can help you feel better, move better and live better!

Our Kinesiologist supports people who want to live healthy and active lives. Kinesiologists work closely with you and other healthcare practitioners to help prevent and treat illness or injury; improve physical performance; manage the delivery of your individual healthcare plan; provide support in your rehabilitation and wellness management; and more. Kinesiologists are valuable healthcare providers helping to 'bridge' your transition from clinical treatment to independence for home, work, sport, and other activities of daily living.

ICBC automatically covers 12 kinesiology treatments within the first 12 weeks after an accident with every open claim.


Elizabeth Dohm

We provide functional assessment and treatment services for the rehabilitation of people suffering from physical injuries sustained at work, in automobile collisions, in sports and other life activities.

One of our primary services is active rehabilitation, which consists of the assessment of physical function followed by the implementation and progression of an individually structured and tailored exercise program to enhance and promote the safe and dependable return to an individual’s regular life activities.

We can also perform specialized services, such as biomechanical analysis of injury, conduct job demands analysis, and functional capacity evaluations in relation to an individual’s occupational requirements.


Elizabeth Dohm

We provide exercise and lifestyle-based services to enhance the lives of those suffering from chronic diseases or physical and neurological injuries, such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, autism spectrum disorder, osteoporosis, arthritis, and traumatic brain injury.


Elizabeth Dohm

Kinesiologists design and conduct health and wellness programs for all age groups, teach and organize courses and workshops in health promotion, including general fitness, sport performance, athletic training, human nutrition and general issues related to a person’s physical well-being.

Kinesiologists work with athletes to recover from injury, to prevent injury, or to improve overall or specific performance. We provide the knowledge and skills to analyze the areas for improvement or recovery and build a plan with you to help you meet the challenges you face.


Elizabeth Dohm

Chronic pain is common in older adults but it is not necessarily the age that is the cause of the pain or stiffness but more likely the lack of movement and activity. 

Pain is not a natural part of aging, though the phrase “use it or lose it” is true when it comes to muscle loss and joint health. 


For many, growing older seems to involve the inevitable loss of strength, mobility, balance, and energy. This may make it difficult to walk for longer distances, climb stairs, carry groceries, or just keep up with the grandkids. 


My goal is to be able to motivate and inspire confidence in those who feel like they can no longer complete the activities that they used to or just want to be able to move through life without pain and restriction. 


I can work with you to show you how to safely exercise and stretch in order to help to maintain the strength and mobility you already have as well as make positive changes in your body to help you get back to living the life you want to live. 

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