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Kamituga Women and Childen's Hospital

Go Fund Me

In November 2020, owner Joy Marie, travelled to Bentiu South Sudan to work as a midwife with Doctor's Without Borders. While there, Joy met a Congolese Paedritician, Dr. Hilaire Mukobelwa. 

Dr. Hilarie and his brother Dr. Darock are building a Women and Children's Hospital in their home community of Kamituga, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since learning about Hilaire's hospital project, Joy decided to start a Go Fund Me account to help raise funds to support the build. 

Not only is the money raised going to support the build of the hospital, but it is also creating jobs in the local construction industry. Hilaire is using the money to purchase locally produced building supplies and to hire local construction crews. 

Every generous donation goes directly to support the construction and supports the local rural economy. 


Please consider donating to this worthy cause!!!

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