Joy Marie

Co-Owner & Business Manager

Joy's Message

Joy Marie, a McMaster-educated midwife, and the owner of Cheam Midwifery. Cheam Midwifery was Chilliwack's first local Midwifery clinic, which opened in 2011.  Over the years, more Midwifery practices opened in Chilliwack, and Joy decided to move her midwifery practice to Abbotsford. From there the ideal of Cheam Wellness Group was born.


Cheam Wellness Group’s foundation is built upon health, wellness, and the environment, and a vision to provide the community with accessible, holistic health care services.


Undoubtedly, she has reached her dream to create a place where individuals and families of like mind can come to improve their health.


Tel: 604-776-2432

301- 2777 Gladwin Road Abbotsford BC V2T 4V1

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