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We love our IV Lounge! Cheam Wellness Group is proud to offer a calm, clean, intravenous nutrient environment to sit back and relax while you infuse your body with high-quality nutrition. Our experienced Naturopathic Doctors and Medical Laboratory Assistants provide individualized, comfortable, and safe health care plans for clients.

We work together with you to select the most appropriate and beneficial combination of nutrients to support your wellness journey. IV nutrient therapy is an excellent addition to any preventative wellness plan!


Dr. Wendy Tao, ND

IV therapy is an efficient way of getting high dose quality nutrients into the body without having to ingest them through diet or supplementation. Infusing nutrients directly into the bloodstream is an impactful and powerful way to circumvent issues of absorption during the process of digestion, stomach upset and other side effects.


Dr. Wendy Tao, ND

Nutrient shots are super convenient, quick and beneficial! If time for an IV nutrient infusion is a factor, but you feel a deficiency is evident, Intramuscular injections are a great option! They provide a quick boost for addressing many health concerns or as a preventative health plan solution. Intramuscular injections consist of 1-4 cc’s of liquid nutrients, injected into either the shoulder or the hip.

Our experienced Naturopathic Doctor's will make sure this therapy is safe and warranted for you. The effects of our nutrient shots vary between individuals, but there is evidence that an intramuscular injection can quickly and effectively boost a deficiency in an individual.

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