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Welcome to our IV Lounge! Cheam Wellness Group is proud to offer a calm, clean, intravenous nutrient environment to sit back and relax while you infuse your body with a high-quality iron infusion.


Our experienced Naturopathic Doctors provide individualized, comfortable, and safe health care plans for clients.

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutritional disorder. It affects 1-2% of adults and is most prevalent among preschool children and women. 


Dr. Wendy Tao, ND

Our iron infusion is using Monoferric (iron derisomaltose)

We require ALL patient requesting IV Iron Infusions to book an Initial Naturopathic appointment with one of our doctors.  At this appointment, the Naturopath will either review labs ordered by your doctor, midwife, nurse practitioner or ob/gyne OR they will order the required labs for you.  Once a detailed health history is taken and your lab results are reviewed, if you are a candidate for IV Iron Infusion, we will book you for your treatment.

Our clinic strives to provide patients with a safe, supportive, and convenient experience.  The IV infusions are administered by a trained Naturopathic Doctor.  Patient chairs are designed with comfort and privacy in mind.  We provide free parking, wheelchair accessibility, free wi-fi, and refreshments!


Dr. Wendy Tao, ND

There are two costs associated with iron infusions: the cost of the iron product and the cost of the IV administration.

Our iron infusion products are dispensed and provided by Pharmasave.  Monoferric is a  PharmaCare benefit medication with Special Authority.  The expert pharmacists at Pharmasave can assist with Special Authority applications if requested.

They submit claims directly to PharmaCare and private insurance for patient convenience and to reduce patient out-of-pocket costs. A full course of 1000 mg costs approximately*:

  • Monoferric $550

The IV administration fee our clinic charges includes the cost of healthcare staff, IV materials, and clinic equipment. This may be covered by patients’ private insurance plans. Patients should check with their insurance provider to determine their eligibility. IV infusion costs are:

  • Monoferric $250 IV bolus (1 infusion)

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