At Cheam Wellness Group we work with almost all conditions, all age ranges, male and female.  We provide individualized care for the entire family.  We enjoy working as a team to ensure full body/mind health.

From childhood, through the teen years, adulthood and into retirement and geriatrics, our naturopathic physician's can offer treatments to all ages. 

Children's Health

Children have shorter medical histories than adults do. Because of this, there aren’t as many factors to consider when putting together a treatment plan.  For that reason, naturopathic treatments can be particularly effective with children.  Our Naturopathic Physician's offer treatments for some of the most common health issues in children, including eczema, allergies and weak immune systems.

From early childhood sniffles, to teen acne, to balancing the mind and emotions of your children and teens, Cheam Wellness Group's naturopath's work to foster a relationship of education and health with you and your family. We offer care as your children grow, to assist in education and empowerment during these important years.

Naturopathic medicine is extremely beneficial and successful in treating all sorts of symptoms and diseases, using natural therapies. Most natural remedies are very gentle and without any unwanted side effects, and the benefits are seen within days of application. Having said that, there are times when pharamcutical medications are necessary.  All of our Naturopathic Physicians hold perscribing authority. Naturopahtic medicine is great for keeping the immune system healthy, especially for toddlers who are in preschool and kindergarten.

Common Pediatric Concerns Treated

  • Acne

  • Constipstion & Diarrhea

  • Digestive Concerns

  • Food Allergies & Sensitivities

  • Hormonal Concerns

  • Infant & Child Nutrition

  • Mood Disorders

  • Skin Conditions: Eczema, Cradle Cap

  • Sleep Disorders

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Men's Health

Did you know that according to the first national study of all

health behaviours...

New Canadian research finds 72% of men regularly

demonstrate two or more unhealthy habits, including a poor

diet, smoking cigarettes, problem drinking, not exercising or

not getting regular sleep.

The study, conducted on behalf of the Canadian Men’s Health

Foundation (CMHF), is the first in this country to study health

behaviours rather than diseases, and the first to simultaneously

look at five key health behaviours that help prevent chronic

disease (diet, sleep, exercise, smoking and drinking). 

Details of the study findings include: 

62% of Canadian men have an unhealthy diet;

54% of Canadian men under or over sleep;

39% of Canadian men have unhealthy alcohol consumption; 

20% of Canadian men smoke cigarettes; and

59% of Canadian men do not get 150 minutes of moderate-to-strenuous exercise per week.

As men, we tend to take much better care of our vehicles than we do ourselves. Taking the car in for a tune-up and oil change is a must once we see that warning light come on or we hear something suspicious.

Our bodies need the same kind of maintenance, and, often, we have many signals from our body telling us to get a check-up (if only we would listen right away).


At Cheam Wellness Group, we take men's health seriously and have a team that works together to address whatever is going on at the root of the health issue. A tune-up is good for machinery, and it's good for men too! 

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