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Dr. Rory Gibbons's Message

Hi, I’m Dr. Rory. I am a husband, father, naturopathic doctor, writer, foodie, cyclist and craft beer lover. I also really enjoy public speaking but if you ask others I am not a person that likes attention or the spotlight. Oh, and I love coffee. A solid homemade americano is an important part of my morning.

The story to me finding natural medicine is relatively short.  Having a history of being an athlete in highschool pointed me in the direction of the study of movement and human physiology.  During my time at Simon Fraser University I developed an understanding of the human body’s ability to repair rehabilitate.  I furthered my interest by joining certain physical rehabilitation clinics and helped patients come back from physical injury. As my experience progressed and the end of my degree lay before me, I started to see how valuable a whole systems approach to patient care really was. Patient movement, hydration, nutrition, mental state, and accountability all had to function simultaneously in order for them to reach optimal benefits.


What I didn’t know was that this is a core principle of what was to come!  During my work experience in rehab clinics I met someone (she would later become my wife and mama to my baby) who brought natural medicine to the forefront of my attention. I was blown away by how comprehensive a naturopathic doctor could be for a patient. The decision to become a naturopathic doctor was easy and I jumped into arguably the most challenging four years to date, naturopathic medical school.  

Now I am a practicing naturopathic doctor in the lower mainland of British Columbia but thanks to technology I can provide high-quality care to patients all over the province through my computer screen!  I recently spent time practicing with a group of naturopathic doctors in Vancouver where my appreciation and knowledge of digestive health skyrocketed. With this said, I have refined my practice to being more gut-focused; helping those dealing with long standing, nagging gut-related issues


I am also pretty busy being a dad to a little boy and a husband to an amazing woman, who is also a naturopathic doctor. Being a dad is the best job and, like everyone has told me, changes and has new challenges every day! From what I have learned, I am certainly not alone in those challenges. This is why I have a passion for helping other dads. Burn out doesn’t have to happen. Your body doesn’t have to change when you become a dad.  And you don’t have to fight with your partner either! I don’t have it all figured out but I definitely have some sure-fire ways of preventing that stuff from happening.

I love wearing all of these hats, it’s just the best.


Dr. Gibbon's areas of focus

Digestive Health

Men's Health

IV Therapy

Auto Immune


Tel: 604-776-2432

301- 2777 Gladwin Road Abbotsford BC V2T 4V1

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