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Rediscover your natural beauty with medical aesthetics. As we age, our skin develops fine lines, wrinkles and loses elasticity. Build your confidence to age gracefully and live your best life with rejuvenated skin that can come with natural-looking results. Under the premise and belief that “less is more,” we consistently strive to encourage a look where others will notice you, but no one will see what you did. Gentle Enhancements can be done with a trusted practitioner working along with you to achieve your goals. 


Our high-quality products and cosmetic expert will bring experience and attention to detail artistry with every service and treatment.


Dr. Jordana Aziz, ND

Dr. Wendy Tao, ND

Botox and Nucevia are treatments for wrinkles that are caused by repeated movements in our skin.  Common expressions and lifestyle over time cause wrinkles, and the elasticity in our skin fade, making these facial lines and wrinkles  more permanent.  This constant repetition causes fine lines in common areas around your face, such as around your eyes (known as crows feet), forehead, between the eyebrows and around the mouth (known as lipstick lines).

Botox relaxes these muscles and softens their activity, resulting in smoothing these areas safely and significantly.  Your Botox results are noticeable between two days and two weeks of your treatment.  It presents a more youthful appearance that can last 3-4 months with minimal downtime. 

We offer a free follow up appointment to assess if your desired results have been achieved, and if a second payable treatment is warranted or desired.  Botox is an excellent option to enhance your look without sacrificing the natural expressions that make you, you.


Dr. Wendy Tao, ND

Fillers work differently than Botox to target other areas of the face.  Fillers are hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the skin.  They work to replace soft-tissue volume loss, adding fullness to the skin or lips.  Filler treatments are popular for plumping up cheeks, jaw, chin and lips. This treatment enhances shallow contours, softening of wrinkles and creases, and decreasing shadows by adding fullness.  


At Cheam Wellness Group, we use Stylage Fillers, which are safe and natural.  The results of Stylage Fillers is a correction, reduction and often elimination of facial wrinkles and folds.  Fillers involve artistry and can provide a beautiful accent to lips, cheekbones, chin and jawline to contour and create a fuller, timeless look.


If you are looking for  a subtle effect that will either help you "turn back the clock" with natural enhancements due to aging, or to give additional volume to achieve a fuller, sexier look, then Fillers are an excellent option.  Fillers are safe and non-intrusive, with results that are immediate, lasting 6-9 months for lips and up to 24 months for cheeks.

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