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Ayo Afolabi

Digital Marketing Manager

Ayo's Message

I began my formal education at the University of Winnipeg, studying business management. Over time I developed a passion for digital marketing. My intrigue and curiosity for this profession led me to do multiple side projects and achieve several prestigious marketing certifications. For example:

I worked on a side project called ‘Dear Marketing Student’ or DMST. DMST is an online publication that creates and curates content specifically for marketing students. I built this publication from the ground up, creating the website, brand design, brand copy and all the content featured on it all by myself.

Despite studying marketing in school, I've learned so much more about marketing from the things I've done outside of school.

I love building + marketing products that provide value. Starting from a blank whiteboard or MVP and transforming it into something people will truly value. I actively pursue projects that will let me fail fast, learn fast, attempt again and again.

Over the past couple of years I've seen my marketing skills grow, especially in analytics, copywriting and paid acquisition.

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