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About the Wellness Group

Cheam Wellness Group offers solutions to all your health care needs.  

We provide a wide range of treatment options to meet your individual health and wellness concerns.

YOU  CAN FEEL BETTER! Experience natural solutions that will optimize your health.

Our practitioners will help your health and increase vitality, allowing you to live the live you want..  We believe that given the right tools, everyone can have a positive and vibrantly healthy life.

Providing you with the best practitioners for the best care

Are you living with depression, anxiety or another mental health condition? Are you going through a major life transition and feel like you're struggling to regain your balance?

You are not alone!


Here at Cheam Wellness Group, our highly trained clinical counsellors are here to help. Our team of counsellors are dedicated to enhancing your quality of life by improving your mental health.


All of our clinical counsellors are certified with either the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association OR the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.


We provide counselling for:

- Individuals

- Couples

- Families

- Teens

- Children

- Groups


We specialize in :

- Pregnancy/ post partum Depression

- Pregnancy/ post partum Anxiety

- Marriage counselling/ Relationship issues

- Sibling transitions

- Anxiety, Depression, Bi-polar

- Identity Issues

- Trauma

We have three experienced naturopathic physicians working at Cheam Wellness Group. Together they provide our community with comprehensive health care.

Our Naturopathic Physicians work with their patients to help them achieve balance in their lives and in their health. Their approach to medicine and health involves digging a little deeper and looking for the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.  

Their general areas of practice include:

- Family Practice

- Integrative Cancer Care

- Fertility (Men and Women)

- Pain Management

- Stress and Mood Support

- Digestive Complaints

- Immune Support

- IV Therapy

- Muscle and Joint Conditions

Lab Testing Services Include:

- Food Sensitivity Testing

- Hormone Testing

- Genetic Testing

- Toxic Load Testing

- Fatty Acid Profile

- Hair Mineral Analysis

Other Services Include:

- Nutritional Counselling

- Vitamin/ Mineral Supplementation

- TCM/ Acupuncture

- Advanced Injection Therapy such as Prolotherapy

- Craniosacral Therapy

Our midwifery services are provided by Cheam Midwifery.

Cheam Midwifery has two midwives working out of the clinic,  Joy Allan, Heather Munro.

Registered Midwives, are primary health care providers and are fully covered by your BC Care Card.  

They provide complete care to low risk women during their pregnancy, postpartum & newborn periods.

The midwives offer women the choice of delivering at home or in the Abbotsford Regional Hospital. They service  Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack and Agassiz.

If you are interested in meeting with a midwife, it's simple!  Complete the Intake Form or contact our clinic at 604 744 8873.

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